Blogger Web Comments Firefox extension

Blogger Web Comments for Firefox

Google just introduced an extension for Firefox that allows you to see the latest blog post linking to any page as it’s viewed. The extension brings up a small window in the bottom right-hand corner of the browser window with the most recent reference to the page. You can click on the box to extend it to the last 6 posts or view the entire result set on Google Blog Search.

Users can also add their own comment about the page by clicking a special “Add Comment” button linked to their Blogger account. The Google FAQ mentions they hope to add support for blogging services other than Blogger in the future.

The plugin only works with Firefox 1.5 or above. It’s a very cool feature and the smooth execution does not surprise me as Google employs many Firefox core developers. Nice work Glen! The plugin requests an RSS file from Google blog search for the URL and displays the result inside a special chrome container.

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