Google at CES

Larry Page

Google co-founder Larry Page is a keynote speaker at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas. The Los Angeles Times reports that Google has been in talks with large retail stores such as Wal-Mart to carry a computing device called the “Google Cube” running a Google customized operating system and applications. Page was a late addition to the keynote roster, so Google might actually be ready to announce something. This week will be full of announcements for sure.

Update 1/03: reports both Google and Wal-Mart denied the rumor. Google issued a statement saying “we see no need to enter that market.”

Update 1/04: Om Malik heard from “a reliable source” that Google will announce a new and improved Google video and perhaps a video distribution deal.


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Commentary on "Google at CES":

  1. Dave Hodson on wrote:

    Hopefully it isn’t a repeat of the Sun/Google “announcement”

  2. John Dowdell on wrote:

    Actually, I don’t think the staff at LA Times actually “reported” it so much as “averred” it… here’s what they wrote:

    “Sources say Google has been in negotiations with Wal-Mart…”

    No way for the reader to test anything about the claim. The media corporation is asking for your faith, your belief in their brand, and are not allowing you to calibrate that belief against their actions by giving the basic evidence each reader would need to assess the strength of the story.

    This “anonymous sources” type of stuff has got to go, and I think bloggers should stop linking to unverifiable media campaigns like this.