Mac small business dinner January 11 in San Francisco

Macintosh Small Business group

I am organizing a dinner for Mac small business owners and developers on Wednesday, January 11, at Chaat Cafe in San Francisco starting at 7 p.m. I want to bring together the small businesses attending the conference for face-to-face discussion and sharing of ideas among other people who have probably used your software and read your blog but might have never met face-to-face. I enjoyed the lunch meeting during this year’s WWDC and want to keep the conversation flowing.

Chaat Cafe is located at 320 3rd Street (corner of 3rd and Folsom) in downtown San Francisco, one block from Macworld and the Moscone conference center. They have free WiFi, so bring your laptop to show off your latest creations to everyone. You will order food and drink individually with an individual bill ($10 or so), so there are no billing hassles! The restaurant can hold about 75 people, leaving enough room for people to break into small group discussions.

Anyone is welcome to come join us. People with some expertise in small business services are especially encouraged as there are generally many questions raised and good knowledge sharing.

I’d love to have some freebies to give away to help out some new development projects and small businesses trying to get started. Invoicing, blog hosting, legal advice, Cocoa book, that sort of thing. If you offer some small business services and would like to help get a new business off the ground please contact me.