Google Bookmarks

Google bookmarks

Google just introduced version 4 of Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer including support for centralized bookmark tagging and notation from multiple computers. The new feature allows any toolbar user with a Google account to store bookmarks within their Google search history for synchronization and editing. Google bookmarks can also be added and edited via a web interface.

Google bookmark web edit

You can add a new Google bookmark anywhere on the web when logged in by passing Google a few URL-encoded values.

the title of the bookmark
the bookmark URL
comma separated labels or tags
A note or description about the bookmark
22 character user token

To edit a bookmark just resubmit the original URL with the new values. You should receive a response including a Google star graphic star graphic if you are successful.

It should be possible for third-party applications to use Google’s bookmark storage system once you obtain the appropriate token.

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Commentary on "Google Bookmarks":

  1. Gen on wrote:

    I’m scratching my head at this one.

    It seems like a VERY simple application. Too simple. Boring. No ratings (a la digg) nor sharing (a la Is the goal just to have more toolbars out there?

    Why launch without Firefox support?

    I just don’t get Google- at times they seem so cohesive. At other times they seem totally ignorant.

  2. ultrasice on wrote:

    The most obvious limitation has not been addressed in my opinion. HOW DO YOU EDIT THE URL of the bookmark?!?!.

    Lets say that you visit a newspaper which is in the format of

    the homepage automatically redirects you to the directory of the current date.
    You are stuck with this url!
    there is no way to change it to !

  3. Eric on wrote:

    Yes there is a way to create a bookmark to an arbitrary URL. Simply go to

    On this page there is a “Add Bookmark” link which you can use to create your own bookmark to whatever URL you want.

    Hope this helps.