Google Toolbar API

Google Toolbar version 4 allows developers to create custom buttons using a custom XML descriptor and extended functionality using RDF, RSS, and Atom feeds. The Google toolbar button API can be used to display the latest entry titles from a feed, execute a keyword or URL search, or continuously communicate data at a glance. I created custom buttons for this blog and Technorati.

Slashdot feed Google Toolbar view

The Google Toolbar can now serve as a feed reader for any feed with a custom Google Toolbar icon. You can even specify in your button file a different icon you would like to display when new items are found.

You can associate your button with a feed containing timely data such as the current temperature, number of new mail messages, or your server’s load status. You subscribe to a feed associated with the button and the feed will deliver updated icons and data presented via a tooltip. If you want to view more information you can simply click the button for a full web page.

There’s search too! You can pass into the toolbar button the text entered in the search box, selected text on the page, or the current URL. You may specify locale-specific settings to send users to a different site depending on their language preference or location.

If you have Google Toolbar 4 installed you can install one of my custom toolbar buttons.

  1. Niall Kennedy’s Weblog Google Toolbar button. View my latest entries, search my weblog, or access my weblog homepage with just one click.
  2. Technorati Google Toolbar button. Search Technorati from Google Toolbar. Includes locale-specific targeting to limit results to your Google-configured language or take you to a Technorati Japan results page if you prefer Japanese.

Each file has an update URL so you can stay up-to-date as I add new features to the button as they are available.