Overheard in a San Francisco cafe

I am at Ritual Roasters this morning in San Francisco’s Mission district. This city is so geeky it’s not uncommon to see WordPress and TypePad screens on people’s laptops as they bask in free WiFi. Today is completely different.

Suicide Girls

A man in bright striped pants, a t-shirt with a stretched neck line, and a modified sport coat is chatting up girls he thinks would be perfect for Suicide Girls. I have no idea if he actually works for the company or if this is some sort of new geek pickup line, but it’s hilarious to listen to. Especially with Johnny Cash playing in the background.

“It’s a blogging site for people with awesome tattoos and piercings. You’d be perfect!”

“Total new-age media where you get to run your own business and create a name for yourself.”

Blogging hasn’t really made it big until pimped out strangers start using blogging networks as a pick-up line.

And now back to our regularly scheduled geekery…

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Commentary on "Overheard in a San Francisco cafe":

  1. Kevin Burton on wrote:

    Yeah… fair enough but you have to admit that pickup line works and I’m *not* about to stop using it just because you find it funny!



  2. seamus on wrote:

    Funny that he fails to mention that the girls are also supposed to pose nekkid.

  3. Olivia Suicide on wrote:

    We don’t do that kind of “talent scouting” – sometimes our members can get pretty excited on our behalf though. At least he had the class to be totally inappropriate in a pimp suit.