Site redesign complete!

The new hotness

I’ve been a bit quiet over the past week while making some changes under the hood of this website. This morning I unveiled a new site design I hope will convey a more professional look and experience for everyone viewing my pages in a web browser.

I wanted to add more visual structure to each post to match what I try to accomplish in my markup. I wanted to help visitors discover new sections of the site and click around a bit to learn more. I also wanted to improve the friendliness of search and commenting.

I worked with Mike Rundle of Business Logs to turn some of these ideas into a visual reality. Mike and I share interests in exposing more quality content created by passionate individuals. We both like to think of the browsing experience across multiple devices from a home media center all the way down to a mobile handset.

I hope you like the new design! I still have a few tweaks and cosmetic finishes to apply but so far I am liking the new hotness.