SF Tech Sessions

Companies should not have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to present their product to a technical and knowledgeable audience. Everyone is burned out on big conferences, big ticket prices, and we want to create more interesting in-depth experiences. I am proud to announce SF Tech Sessions, a new free monthly event that will highlight the latest technologies, products, and companies live and in-person in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Every month a small crowd of journalists, bloggers, small business owners, and other interested individuals will gather to learn about a new industry from a small group of companies that are changing the game. The event series will feature products right before they launch, giving attendees and inside exclusive into these new companies. You might walk away with a great idea for a blog post, magazine article, new purchase, or a new way of thinking about some projects you’ve been working on. It’s interactive, hands-on, and stimulating.

First Event: Groupware

The first Tech Session will feature three groupware products that are launching in the next three months: Joyent, Microsoft Office Live (unconfirmed),, Kerio and Zimbra. The crowd will decide who has the most compelling product for their target market. The event will take place the evening of Thursday, February 23, at CNET’s headquarters in San Francisco. More details about the groupware event are available on the SF Tech Sessions blog.

Each month we’ll hear from a different industry and be introduced to new products and ways of thinking. Hope you’ll join in.

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