VoIP, not just for cheap calls

The latest episode of Om and Niall PodSessions is now available. This week Om and I talk about VoIP and the new applications with seamless integration of new voice technologies.

A recent study by In-Stat found 73% of all VoIP subscribers have migrated to VoIP without making a conscious decision to adopt the new technology. On Sunday my dad asked me about Vonage, and the various boxes he saw advertised with the services in the Sunday newspaper inserts. To him, Vonage was just another long distance provider and happened to have cheap rates to call Ireland. He had no clue what he was supposed to do with the Linksys box pictured in the ad. My mom also mentioned a bunch of parents are using “voice chat” to talk to their sons and daughters serving in Iraq. The lower costs and the integrated connectivity to endpoints across the world is driving adoption in my small sample of the suburban household. Big changes are underway in how we connect to each other using some of the same technologies that power the Internet, so Om and I decided to have a chat about what’s changing and what’s coming.

This week’s podsession is titled VoIP, not just for cheap calls, is 22 minutes long and a 10 MB download.