FeedBurner expands to San Francisco, moves in with Adaptive Path

FeedBurner just announced the hiring of Don Loeb and its expansion to a San Francisco office. Don also posted an announcement on his blog.

Don was previously led business at Yahoo!’s personalized media division including My Yahoo!, Yahoo! 360, Yahoo! Groups, etc.

FeedBurner’s San Francisco office is most likely a rented desk at Adaptive Path, a San Francisco user experience design firm. Adaptive Path rents desks on the second floor of its building to small companies for about $250 a month.


Commentary on "FeedBurner expands to San Francisco, moves in with Adaptive Path":

  1. Brad Neuberg on wrote:

    Hi Niall! I and some of the other coworkers are looking for some new space, to rent desks from an existing setup like Adaptive Path has; do you have someone there we can contact to see what they have available?


  2. Brad Neuberg on wrote:

    Actually, if you know of startups in general that are willing to rent out a few desks that would be great.