VOIP and mobile integration podcast

In this week’s PodSession Om and I discuss voice and mobile technologies currently available for platform integration. When does it make sense for a web application to add voice or mobile capabilities? What are the costs and benefits?

Are so called “web 2.0” companies just shinier versions of existing applications? Is anyone actually pushing the envelope and inventing entirely new industries? IP-based voice applications have already changed the way we think about communicating online. Mobile phones are now common tools of daily communication with relatively fast data connections with always-on access to the Web and focused data. Why are we not seeing more integration of voice and mobile into new web applications?

Google Local and Windows Live Local search products are just starting to launch pay-per-call advertising on their sites, connecting any computer with a paying merchant over a telephone line. Other companies such as Progressive Auto Insurance are integrating support call centers with web applications to help complete sales.

Now that conference season is in full swing startup companies can walk through the halls of focused gatherings such as VON or CTIA to gather new ideas about product integration across multiple mediums and devices.

This week’s PodSession, VoIP and mobile integration, is 23 minutes long, a 11 MB download.