Four million Netvibes users

French personal homepage company Netvibes has amassed over 4 million users in its first 9 months of operation according to founder and CEO Tariq Krim. Tariq mentions the user numbers about two minutes into a video interview with CNET The site picked up over 15,000 visitors in its first week of operation. Close to half of Netvibes’ users are in the United States.

Netvibes users can configure their homepage without logging in so it’s unclear if the 4 million users are non-expired cookied users or actual user accounts.

Either way, keep the user numbers in mind when looking at feed subscriber counts of default homepage modules Boing Boing, TechCrunch, and NowPublic.

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Commentary on "Four million Netvibes users":

  1. RBA on wrote:

    It’s always better when you hear “number of active accounts” as opposed to “number of users” but from a PR point of view it makes sense that we pretty much only hear about number of users. This goes for everyone, not just Netvibes, of course.