David Beckham joins LA Galaxy

David Beckham Real Madrid

David Beckham will leave Real Madrid and join the Los Angeles Galaxy in July. Beyond the pure salary and bonus structure, the United States provides lucrative corporate sponsorship opportunities. The world does not only want to bend it like Beckham, they want to shave like him, use his cell phone, and have the entire Beckham lifestyle. The David Beckham Academy will also take advantage of one of the world’s largest youth soccer programs.

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Commentary on "David Beckham joins LA Galaxy":

  1. alex on wrote:

    I don’t know David Beckham owned a football academy (I’m italian, soccer don’t mean “calcio”, so I hate that word).. Now I guess reasons why Brad Pitt tells him to teach some tips to his son. I’m a not Beckham fan, Real Madrid spends too much money for an average right midfield with an excellent right foot.

  2. zona on wrote:

    i love david beckham!! he is awsome!!!

  3. Ann on wrote:

    Beckham is a great player but he likes to spend time with his family. Its not just soccer, he has a life. I personally cant wait for next season so I can watch him play in person.

  4. OriginSingapore on wrote:

    Im sure the David Beckham investment will go down well for LA Galaxy , not sure about his team mates though , just how do you play with someone who earns 3 times the combined salary of the whole team.