Sony adds RSS to televisions


Sony’s latest HDTVs will support an optional component capable of streaming Internet video and downloading content defined using RSS syndication. The BRAVIA Internet Video Link is a small optional module attached to the back of your HDTV and connected to your home broadband network over Ethernet. Price and availability are still unannounced, but the first televisions supporting the new module will be available this Spring.

PSP XMB interface

The BRAVIA Internet Video Link operates independently without the need for a separate gateway computer on your network. It uses the Xross Media Bar (XMB) interface already present on a PSP to browse feed lists, individual items, and their individual enclosures.

Your TV now subscribes to RSS. Crazy!

Gizmodo has some hands-on pictures of the BRAVIA Internet Video Link and its interface.

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Commentary on "Sony adds RSS to televisions":

  1. Ross Karchner on wrote:

    Add bittorrent and untie it from the Bravia line and you’ll have a complete route around the cable monopolies.

  2. Geald Buckley on wrote:

    Here here Ross! P2P *IN* the display! THAT would be very fine indeed.

  3. JM Smallwood on wrote:

    Wow, that’s impressive. Using RSS to bridge the device gap really speaks to its simplicity and, imho, shows that RSS really will be a major technology in the future as Microsoft, Google, and others (including me) have hoped.

  4. David Armstrong on wrote:

    I could imagine a newscast…just for me….that scrolling damn ticker like on CNN would be even more addicting.