US News : How the Internet is Changing the American Dating Scene

U.S. News & World Report has a cover article covering Internet dating. It’s long but interesting. One expert comments that online dating “is as important as the automobile was in the 1920s and birth control in the 1960s.”

I have not had much luck with, Yahoo Personals, Craig’s List or related services. Yes, maybe it is the product being sold and not the sales method that is the real downfall. Friendster tries to remove some of the online dating stigma but I expect them to fail once their business model kicks in.

Is there a better solution? Everyone everywhere complains how it is tough to meet people, and in urban areas especially we are distracted enough by other things to pass interpersonal relationships off as not so big a deal. We try different things, and people stay in unhealthy relationships because they are unsure they could do better. Another group is caught in a cycle of constantly wanting to “upgrade” their mate to something better. I am not a fan of the upgrade crowd since they probably would make me broke as well.