Corporate Blogger Dinner

Tomorrow night, Wednesday, at 7 P.M. is the Corporate Blogger’s Dinner at Venture Frogs in San Francisco.

I view corporate blogging as a marketing tool to a user base in search of something more trustworthy than a PR spin. Mark Cuban’s blog is corporate blogging. Why? It makes you more interested in the Mavericks. You fee involved, part of the action. Even if you have never been to a NBA game. How do you put a face and a name to a product people love or will grow to love? Weblogs help establish a community around your product(s) or company and can be an engaging customer loyalty tool.

Corporate blogging may already exist within your company, even if you are not aware. Someone at your company might be blogging. It might be a positive and/or negative view about your company and its products. How do you nurture the right type of personal publishing culture? What company topics are off limits to inside bloggers, and what would you like the world to know more about?

We will discuss these issues and many more while surrounded by Asian fusion and free wireless Internet access.