New feature: Search my weblog as a RSS feed

When I reworked my site last week I was unhappy with the persistent search features of Feedster and I could not get the results I was after using Technorati. Feedster did not have a full index of my site. Technorati accepts URL or keyword, but not both. So I created my own solution.

Using Movable Type’s search template I crafted a RSS 2.0 file as my search result. It validates, but is served as text/html.

If you would like to subscribe to any search result on my weblog you may edit this link, replacing *term* with the search term of your choice. If you would like to implement this idea on your own Movable Type site, here is my template source.

I am sure the PHP support in Movable Type 3.1 will make these features easier to implement. I will leave my Feedster mention in my standard search results and keep this RSS keyword search result as a tool for the power user.