Feedster Hacks

Steven M. Cohen just launched Feedster Hacks to track tools and tricks using Feedster. It looks like the hacks site is hosted by Feedster although the site description makes it seem like a fan site with approval.

Feedster Hacks running off a copy of Movable Type 3.1b given out in August. The current version of Movable Type is 3.121. Join the Six Apart Professional Network for a free five author license.

Obviously not playing favorites with weblog platforms, Feedster uses the following software throughout its weblogs.

There may be more that I am missing. The Feedster Terms of Service is a TypePad entry! It seems to make more sense to consolidate all of these Feedster weblogs into one platform for better maintenance. WordPress installations are as cheap as $4!

Update: Scott Johnson of Feedster responds. Given the business relationship with Six Apart I still think Feedster should upgrade their install to the latest version and I will even help them get setup correctly if they are interested.