Google Desktop Search

Google Desktop Search Google Labs released Google Desktop Search beta this morning. Google Desktop Search allows users Windows 2000 and Windows XP to search their e-mail, AOL instant message sessions, Internet Explorer browser history, as well as text and Microsoft Office documents. Google Desktop Search uses your Web browser as its management interface. Connect to and you are greeted by a familiar Google search layout with a Desktop addition. I am able to access the Web interface using Intenet Explorer and Firefox but I am greeted with an incompatible browser message when using Opera. You have the option of including secure Web pages in your search by allowing Google to download a copy of each page. Google Web searches will now show desktop matches alongside Web results (you can turn off this feature in Preferences). Outlook e-mail is only indexed while Outlook is open. Google Desktop Search spawned three processes on my computer: GoogleDesktop.e, GoogleDesktopCr, and GoogleDesktopIn. The three processes are currently utilizing about 27 MB of RAM on my computer.