Rojo online aggregator

I have been playing around with Rojo, a new Web-based aggregator from Rojo Networks. Rojo adds social networking features to the feed aggregator space. Define your friends, see what feeds they are subscribed to, and what items of interest they have flagged. They have a strong team with a lot of background in open standards and rich applications. Right now Rojo is available by invitation only and new members can invite 5 other members. I already sent out my invites, but Kevin Burton will set you up if you join #rojo on Rojo currently indexes 700,000 weblogs and makes recommendations based on your current subscriptions. Six Log is close to TypePad News for example. When managing subscriptions the default sort is by number of users subscribed to that feed. Feeds are categorized into directories and select feeds make it into the “Rojo picks” by publisher and topic. I expect more talk about the product after Chris Alden’s workshop, “Publishing 2.0,” at Web 2.0 at 2:45 p.m. this afternoon.