The Feedster developers contest is over and developers are waiting for the winners to be announced. You can view all of the entries on the Feedster submission form.

What do you think about the contest submissions automatically being posted on Feedster for all to see? Good idea or bad idea?

I went through the entire list of submitted Feedster hacks, removed the garbage entries seeking free linky love, and was able to put together my own list of winners while we wait for the official results.

Best use of Feedster in a standalone RSS aggregator

NewsFire RSS search using Feedster

David Watanabe added Feedster search to NewsFire, a popular RSS aggregator for Mac OS X. It even searches as you type!

Best use of Feedster with a publishing engine

Timothy Appnel wrote a plugin for Movable Type to search your weblog’s feed or a collection of feeds using Feedster and display the results on your Movable Type site.

Best Firefox extension using Feedster

News Story Expander screenshot

Adrian Holovaty wrote a Firefox extension to overlay Feedster links on The New York Times and The Washington Post web pages.