Movable Type 3.16 coming Monday

Six Apart plans to release version 3.16 of Movable Type this Monday, April 18. The new release includes over 100 bug fixes and improvements including significant security fixes making this a must-have for all Movable Type installations.

Some highlights from the private changelog:

  • Added support for Creative Commons 2.0 licenses.
  • Improved sanitization of user-submitted HTML (e.g. comments).
  • DateTime perl module is no longer required.
  • New “DebugMode” configuration parameter can enable/disable unsightly warning messages. (Defaults to off).
  • Subcategories are displayed hierarchically in the administrative interface.
  • MTCategoryCount no longer includes draft entries.
  • MTEntryAuthorLink and MTCommentAuthorLink default behavior is to not display commenter’s e-mail address
  • TrackBack discovery is now more forgiving when domain name is mismatched.
  • Easier dynamic publishing setup.
  • post_save callbacks now have access to the original object as well as the object which was saved.

Who-hoo! Some of the things I have tweaked in my install made it into the core.