SpamLookup testing

Over the weekend I installed Brad Choate’s SpamLookup Movable Type plugin after rave reviews. So far I have had mixed results.

SpamLookup discards TrackBack pings from TypePad and other weblog authoring tools by default as the server IP address may not match the IP address of the authoring tool. In the case of TypePad, a recent ping came from and not the expected TypePad domain IP address of

It’s more than a bit comical that Six Apart code discards a post from a Six Apart property by default. (not sure what intellectual property rights Six Apart provides employees like Brad but Brad also codes the Movable Type core)

If you have attempted to send a TrackBack and failed, sorry about that, but I am living on the bleeding edge to keep the bad pings away. TrackBacks can not be moderated in the current build of MTLookup so your pings may be discarded. I see your pings in my logs and I know how to add your ping manually when I find a moment.

Update: Brad mentions in the comments that moderation of TrackBacks is currently supported if MT-Moderate is installed.