Yahoo! implements Attention.xml

Yahoo! just announced My Yahoo! Search, a new personalized search product. You can now bookmark and tag any URL using Yahoo! Toolbar and even save a snapshot of the page to your My Yahoo!.

Yahoo! has also implemented Attention.xml support for all of its public and private folders. To create your own attention.xml file add one or more of your saved searches or bookmarks to a folder in “My Folders” and copy and paste the RSS URL into your browser replacing “rss.xml” with “attention.xml. Check out my public Attention.xml file on My Yahoo!.

Millions of Yahoo! users now have access to Attention.xml. You can save your search and bookmark history, export, share with friends, and import into another tool of your choice.

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  1. help…..i don’t know how to get ahold of yahoo. i can’t get the email to open, nor can i get to “My Photos” page…i can get to yahoo games, etc., just not email or photos. I’ve talked to 3 tech people and everyone keeps telling me to get in touch with yahoo, but no one knows how to

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