Nominations for the Open Media 100

AlwaysOn Network is working with Technorati to create a list of 100 top individuals who are leveraging the power of communities online to accomplish great things. The list is branded as the “Open Media 100” but has nothing to do with the Open Media Network.

The list will not be ranked, but will include 100 individuals in the categories of pioneers, tool smiths, trendsetters, practitioners, and enablers. I am pretty sure members of the Open Media 100 need to publish a weblog and that requirement excludes people like Ward Cunningham or John Doerr. I think Dave Sifry and Joi Ito belong on the list regardless of the potential conflict of interest.

You can submit your nominees for the list by tagging your post(s) with “” for up to five individuals per category. The trendsetters and practitioners categories will probably be the most controversial so be sure to make your voice heard.

I just found out from AlwaysOn that individuals do not need to publish a weblog to make the Open Media 100 list.

2 replies on “Nominations for the Open Media 100”

  1. No, I don’t belong on the list. Putting up this blog post is all about people telling me about the people they read and the good writers/authorities they know about.

    I can see how you might construe me mentioning Joi and Sifry as asking people to vote for my friends, but from the posts I have read so far people seem to agree that Joi belongs on the list even if he is involved with Technorati.

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