Technorati Japan enters beta

Technorati Japan just entered beta. It’s exciting to see the first of what I hope will be many country-specific Technorati sites unveiled to the world. Have you ever wondered what are the top blogs in Japanese or the most talked about books in Japan? Now you can!

The internationalization process is really interesting and exposes a lot of details about your data structure but mostly how you look at the world. Every society and country has their own ways of using weblogs and Japan is no different. Recent legislation in Japan requires all personally identifiable data travel over SSL. Anonymity is a big concern. Many Japanese bloggers post using their mobile phones and include rich media such as pictures and videos. And the list goes on and on.

Technorati Japan is a joint venture with Digital Garage, a company founded by Joi Ito and Kaoru Hayashi in 1994. The entire site runs off the Technorati API meaning all the hard work that went into Technorati Japan benefits the localization of Technorati around the globe.

To all the Irish out there: Conas a dearfá Technorati as Gaeilge? Iadsan go leir ata i bhfabhar?

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