Technorati partners with

Technorati has partnered with to integrate weblog content and commentary in’s home page, the end of every article, and a roundup. Richard Ault took some good screenshots of the new features if you would like a small walk-through.

I am really excited to see the writing of the masses combined with the edited writing of the few. has been publishing original content online since 1995 and I have been reading the site intermittently since it started. Salon owns The WELL, the most famous online community.

Salon chose to measure its hottest stories by the number of bloggers writing about them. Salon authors now have real and measurable feedback on their writing and choice of topic and I am sure every writer wants to be at the top of the list, even for a day. Your feedback, what you write about every day, inevitably will control the content published on Salon in some way. It’s powerful to think about.

Salon is the first of what we at Technorati hope will be many integration deals with media partners. I want to continue to get the quality content produced by bloggers marketed to as big of as big of an audience as possible. Journalists are often asked how their job security has changed with the popularity of weblogs. I think both serve a purpose and complement each other, and the Salon partnership takes a big step in that direction with a pioneering Internet content company.