Tim Draper music video

Tim Draper broke into song during yesterday’s speech at Stanford. I have never before seen a high-profile venture capitalist prance around on stage, play air guitar, and slap his ass, but luckily I had my camera ready to capture this unique moment.

Tim Draper recently attended an event with a very unique auction prize: Scott Cargo of The Eagles would produce a song using your original lyrics. Tim won the auction and wrote “The Riskmaster.” Draper Fisher Jurveston sent a CD of the recording to 5,000 business associations last December, and I happened to get a CD from Tim. The song was written by Tim Draper with vocals from David Issacs, music and engineering from Hank Linderman, and produced by Scott Largo.

Listen to “The Riskmaster,” the official song of Draper Fisher Jurveston. When you call DFJ and you are put on hold, this is the song you hear.

That’s not all! As promised by the title of this post, here is the world premiere music video of “The Riskmaster” by Tim Draper. The full-sized 80 megabyte video is 4 minutes and 30 seconds in length. You can also download the smaller 11 megabyte version.

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