Anil Dash in New York Times wearing a goatse shirt

Anil goatse

Anil Dash appears in the Thursday, June 2, edition of The New York Times posing in the Six Apart offices wearing a goatse t-shirt. I think it’s in bad taste to appear in a national publication in your employer’s offices while wearing apparel promoting pornography but that’s just me. (via Boing Boing)

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  1. Niall, I missed the smiley at the end of that post. You can’t seriously be suggesting that this T-shirt–or anything about Goatse–promotes pornography. The Goatse image is possibly the most powerful pornography deterrent on the entire Interweb! And I’ve seen three children born–I know what I’m talking about here.

    From where I sit, you’re either hitting an ex-New York Hipster with the transplanted Californian “more politically correct than thou” stick, or you’ve got some leftover sour grapes.

    I lived in the Bayarea from 88 to 97, and then moved to Boston, where I live now. It took me a long time to adjust to social mores after each move. But c’mon, a ‘new media pundit’ pranking the ‘mainstream media’ with an obscure bit of net culture is funny on either coast. 8^)


  2. I’m going to agree with you Niall.

    Even though he is carefully NOT identified as a SixApart employee in the article, nor could you tell whose offices those were, it still strikes me as disrespectful. He’s not exactly a stealth employee.

    But wait and see, there will be many who will look at this as some great, big “stick it to the man, aren’t we irreverent and cool?” moment.

  3. Eh, you’d only know it’s the office if you’d been there, and I’m not in the story as a 6A employee, I’m there as me. Plus, I didn’t wear the shirt to work that day, I went home and got it.

    And I wasn’t promoting pornography, I was promoting a t-shirt! A funny t-shirt. I don’t see it as sticking it to the man, I see it as an easter egg for my friends.

  4. I have no problem with the shirt or the Goatse site or meme in general. I actually joke about it all the time. It did strike me as something I would not wear to work for possible sexual harassment problems, let alone a NY Times photoshoot.

    I don’t like politically correctness but it’s a reality I have to deal with and something other companies tried to use to get me fired a few months ago. So while I am a bit sour over that issue, I’m also looking at examples of what might be crossing over the line.

  5. It’s also interesting that nobody’s commented on the subject of the article. For an average, non-web-geek reader (which I’m guessing would be most of the Fashion/Style section’s readers), what’s written on a t-shirt of a random guy quoted in the story isn’t going to catch your eye; What you’ll remember is the points about controlling one’s identity online.

  6. Anil’s comments get right to what I was wondering about the picture. Is Anil appearing in the New York Times or on his blog being “there as me” or is he always representing Six Apart, even when introducing people to the magically expanding ass?

  7. out of the few people who will get the joke, of course half of them will argue as to its appropriateness in this context. I

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