GoDaddy misstates the facts

Some companies love to issue press releases for every little thing. Go Daddy is one of those companies. Hot on the heels of their press release about their blog’s six-month anniversary comes a press release claiming Bob Parsons has the 23rd most popular blog and the most popular CEO blog. Too bad they provide no fact to support either claim.

Technorati ranks blogs according to the most “click-throughs” on commonly-searched keywords. covers a variety of topics, many of which do not contain such keywords; for that reason, Parsons’ blog is not listed in the Top 100.

Not true. The Technorati Top 100 ranks blogs based on the number of unique inbound sources. Yes, the counts do not update as often as most people would like, but that’s another issue Technorati is working. No keywords or click-throughs influence the Technorati Top 100.

Bob Parsons is actually ranked 5014 on Technorati as of this morning. Maybe there will be another press release when he breaches the top 5000.

The most popular CEO blog — where a CEO is the single author and blogs mostly about his business — belongs to Joel Spolsky, CEO of Fog Creek Software.

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