Going to Gnomedex

In less than two weeks I will be in Seattle at Gnomedex. I attended Gnomedex back when it was in Des Moines and had a lot of fun. As a former sexiest geek finalist — I lost to a Lockergnome employee — I just have to represent. I’m looking forward to the latest version of the conference in the most unwired city in America.

Gnomedex will have a very large RSS presence this year with all the major aggregators attending and new aggregators being introduced at the conference so we can all geek out and make people’s reading habits a lot more efficient and feature-rich.

I plan to stay in Seattle through Sunday and check out Pike Place Market and the Central Library. I am still looking for a place to stay so if anyone would like to share a room let me know.

Update: Staying at the Warwick. Anyone up for a geek outing on Sunday?

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