Meet the new Technorati

It’s finally out! Meet the new Technorati (beta), a complete redesign and a few new features thrown in as well.

  • Technorati blogs! Yes, it’s true. Technorati is a blog search company yet had no blog. Now we have two: one for the main site and one for developers.
  • Snazzy new tag pages full of Ajax goodness. Related tags, photos, and links all load after the rest of the page.
  • Subscribe to RSS feeds for tagged posts! This feature has actually been available for a few months but never exposed. We do not include the feed as a link alternate because it is not an alternate representation of the full page, just one portion of the page.
  • Web-based watchlists for everyone who is confused by orange buttons or has no idea what RSS means knows how to visit a page to view new items, just like e-mail.
  • Staff page. Meet the people who work on Technorati every day.
  • Track popular movies.
  • And more…

The entire site uses XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS web standards. It even looks good on my Treo! It’s interesting to take a look back at the three previous Technorati designs:

  1. November 2002
  2. June 2004
  3. July 2004
  4. June 2005

The new version of the site is meant to introduce Technorati to a larger, less technical audience. The last Technorati design was created with political journalists in mind as Technorati geared up for the 2004 Democratic Convention and the associated exposure of appearing on CNN.

Go check it out! The team at Technorati worked day and night to make this site happen and I hope you like it.

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