Technorati is sponsoring a trip to BlogHer

Dave Sifry just announced Technorati’s contest to send a blogger to BlogHer, a conference focused on women bloggers taking place in Santa Clara on July 30.

Technorati has thought about the best way to support the conference and the bloggers we serve. I thought about some of the different classes of bloggers out there and how each might benefit from attending the conference. I talked with the conference organizers to get a better idea of their vision and what they hope to accomplish. I am very lucky to live in the Bay Area at the center of technology world and where most of the cool tech events happen. I realize that somewhere out there in North Dakota, South Carolina, Tennessee, or elsewhere is a woman that would love to come to the Bay Area, meet other bloggers face-to-face and learn new things packed into a day. Technorati helps bring together people of varied interests in the virtual space of the Internet and now Technorati is doing something to enable someone to become a better blogger and meet others of similar interests. It’s exciting and I’m eager to hear the stories bloggers will submit as part of the contest and general chronicling the effect of blogging on their lives.

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  1. Hmm… is this contest open to all people, or only females? If the latter, then does the person need to have been born a woman, or are identified-as-women okay too? (I’m not asking for myself, I’ve just lived in San Francisco a long time, and know how tricky such things can get.)


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