Bloglines feed statistics

Ask Jeeves just released some statistics about the size of their database and subscribed users.

  • 1,121,655 feeds with at least one subscriber
  • Slashdot is the most popular feed with 37,400 active subscribers.
  • Bloglines indexes almost 600 million articles (items/entries).
  • Bloglines adds over 2 million new articles to its index daily.

My blog has a RSS feed for every post, category, month, as well as custom keyword searches and a feed for the last 15 blog entries. That’s thousands of feeds without even mentioning my Atom 0.3 and Atom 1.0 feeds. I am definitely not conservative in what I produce and I know I have Bloglines subscribers for many different flavors of my site content. My one blog is contributing to the inflation of those feed numbers and I am sure I am not the only content publisher with multiple feeds for my content (Yahoo! Search, MSN Search, and craigslist come to mind as publishers who let you customize your content as RSS).

Thanks Jeeves for the interesting statistics!