Yahoo! quarterly numbers


Yahoo! announced quarterly results yesterday and gave us a peek at what’s been happening for the last 3 months. The Yahoo! Music service seemed to cause the most excitement among analysts on the conference call and Yahoo! plans to fully release the service by the end of September.

Terry Semel said over half a million publishers are submitting feeds to My Yahoo! and over 4 million sites have “Add to My Yahoo!” buttons on their pages. He also mentioned the relevance of personal content producers using Flickr and blogs during the recent London bombings.

Yahoo! had 3.14 billion average daily page views in April, May, and June. They have 379 million unique users and 181 million registered users. That means 48% of Yahoo!’s users are registered. 10.1 million of those users (5.6%) pay Yahoo! fees. Yahoo! currently makes 78 cents in revenue per unique user per month.

Yahoo! currently has $4.925 million in cash and cash equivalents. They spent $122 million on acquisitions last quarter including Dialpad, Flickr, TeRespondo, and $72.4 million of their quarterly acquisitions (59%) was paid in cash.

Yahoo! had 8,780 employees as of June 30, an increase of 757 (9.4%) in just 3 months. Yahoo! added an average of 12 employees per work day last quarter! Yahoo! gets an average of $417,000 in annual revenue per employee.