Blogging and PR survey

Technorati and Edelman are partnering to help public relations and corporate communications in general better understand the preferences of bloggers. I’ve had a lot of bad experiences with PR pitches and there is definitely room for improvement. If you would like to help companies better tailor their methods and their approach to blogging you can share your opinions and answer a short survey.

A bad PR agency e-mails me a press release asking if I would please post the press release on my blog. Good PR is when I am introduced to new things that solve a personal problem or extend my knowledge of an area of interest. I opt-in to newsletters from some companies and never discover some other companies or products.

The survey first asks questions about your motivation for blogging, how often you post, and how often those posts contain information about a company or product. These questions may set the tone for the rest of the answers. How does the opinion of bloggers looking for fame and fortune differ from people blogging for family and friends?

Some PR agencies manage blogs at the corporate and product level, including the approval and summary of any comments to a blog post. Some of the questions in the survey will help these agencies expand blogging throughout an organization right down to individual products and employees (my personal bias). Once there are some statistics to let companies know how bloggers view a company with or without active two-way communication I think there will be a much better online communications environment online.

If you could place a memo on the desk of your favorite brands to help them get a clue about participating in online communications what would it say? This survey is a short way to send a message and create more involvement and recognition of blogging as a communications medium.

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