My new iPod nano

nano vs. shuffle

I arrived at the Apple Store in downtown San Francisco today right before the first shipment of iPod nanos arrived via FedEx. I had to wait a little while, but I am now the proud owner of an iPod nano 4 GB in black.

I already have a 1GB iPod shuffle but my biggest frustration was not being able to see what I was going. I would often load my iPod shuffle with just a few tracks — podcasts at the beginning followed by music — to avoid not knowing where anything was. My shuffle barely ever contained over 100 MB as a result.

Yes, the nano does fit in my change pocket. It’s so tiny! It is perfect for my walk to and from work each day, and I am pretty sure it will increase my appetite for podcasts.

Apple Store employees told me Apple had produced a special bag for the iPod nano, but it was still downstairs and not unpacked. The iPod nano should be the hot gift this Christmas, and marketed as a stocking stuffer because you never know where that box might turn up.

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