Technorati Blog Finder

Technorati just introduced Technorati Blog Finder, a browsable and searchable directory of blogs powered by tags. The Technorati Blog Finder helps you find blogs of interest in the subject areas you care about.

Technorati Blog Finder

The Technorati Blog Finder is a product created with a lot of user feedback about what groups they identify with online and how they would like to find other bloggers within that interest. Technorati seeded the list using a blogger’s most common post tags but authors can edit, change, or delete these tags — up to 20 total — through their Technorati member account page. You can also add blog-level tags in your HTML, RSS feed, or Atom feed.

  1. Add a link to your blog homepage with a link attribute of rel and a “tag directory” value.
  2. Add a category or Dublin Core subject (dc:subject element to your RSS feed at the channel or feed level.

I went through the data last night and added a few blog tags for bloggers in my feed aggregator I wanted to be sure were represented in certain categories. Take a look at the BlogHer blog tag for a listing of organizers and advisors of the recent blogging conference for women. I also tagged blogs with founder or lead developer to designate weblogs written by a project or company founder or lead developer respectively. You can also browse groups of bloggers such as venture capitalists.

Blog tags are also a good way to organize an event. The PDC tag could be used as a bottom-up listing of all of the bloggers writing about or attending Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles later this month.

Technorati Blog Finder helps authors better define how they would like to be discovered and helps readers discover new sources. Pretty cool!