Blogger adds inbound links to posts

BackLinks configuration

Blogger blogs can now easily add a listing of inbound links to any blog entry. The new feature utilizes Google Blog Search’s URL search feature to display the a list of links on the individual post page.

Each view of the individual post page results in a dynamic JavaScript call to generate an array containing a link URL, title, excerpt, author, and time. Each link uses the “nofollow” attribute value. Users without JavaScript see a link to Google Blog Search for the post URL.

Blog authors can enable the inbound links display across their entire blog and alter the setting on a per-post basis. Authors can delete any of the listed links for their blog post. The feature is disabled by default.

Google supports comment notification via e-mail but I am not sure if it is currently possible to receive link alerts via e-mail as well.

The integration makes a lot of sense and is a good showcase for tracking links to your blog.

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