I’ve been digged

It’s 5 a.m. in San Francisco and the Google/Riya story I blogged about on Wednesday night is currently the #4 story on Digg.com with 313 diggs as I write. My server is still holding up nicely under the load, but since there has been a lot of talk about Digg lately I think it’s interesting to share some stats.

Unlike Slashdot which has posts listed in reverse chronological order, I believe a top digg can rise or fall over time since I am currently #4 on Digg yet the post has more diggs than #2 and #3. I mention the difference because I cannot tell if this traffic is indicative of a #4 spot or if I was #1, #8, #12, etc. before I took a look this morning

Over 2600 visitors from Digg in the last 5 hours. Memeorandum referred about 40 visitors in the last 5 hours by comparison.