Tis the season for recruiting

The holidays are upon us. Around the United States this week millions of employees will return home to their families and relatives and be greeted with typical questions about life and the pursuit of happiness. The conversation inevitably turns to work, and causes a self-examination fueled by the best wishes of friends and relatives. Are you happy? How’s your job working out? Are they treating you well? Do you think you will get a raise, bonus, or promotion this year? Have you heard about how John is doing at his job?

The questions raised during the holiday season cause employees to question their current job and wonder whether they can do better. Combined with the debt-heavy spending of December, much of the workforce is primed for a job change.

What is your company or your product group doing to retain talent and take advantage of outside employees now considering a move? Add a few more names to your Christmas card list with best wishes for a fruitful career.

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