VoIP podcast with Om Malik

I use voice over IP applications such as Skype and Gizmo Project but I don’t follow industry developments in the same detail as Om Malik and his broadband blog. Om and I tried out the podcasting abilities of Gizmo Project tonight with a 19 minute discussion of the current state of voice over IP (VoIP). We talk about some of the industry basics, news of the week, and where the industry as a whole is headed.

Click here to download the 8.7 MB MP3 file.

Topics covered:

  • Skype vs. Gizmo Project
  • Dialing out to a phone grid
  • Microsoft Windows Live Call
  • Cost per lead and cost per acquisition business models for business listings combined with VoIP
  • Packet prioritization for carrier voice traffic
  • VoIP consumer hardware
  • Internet Voice Campaign and other consumer adoption initiatives

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