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The next version of Yahoo! Mail includes a feed aggregator as a sidebar option. The front-end is based on Oddpost’s blog aggregation technology and the front-end code even includes Oddpost copyright statements and comments. The back-end is the same as My Yahoo!. The Yahoo! Mail feed aggregator supports RSS 0.91, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, and Atom 0.3. The aggregator does not support enclosures such as podcasts. Screenshots and analysis is based on Yahoo Mail 0.3.0 build 176.

Yahoo! is the first major webmail provider to integrate a full-post aggregator into the mail client. Millions of Yahoo! Mail users will now have access to RSS directly in the information management tool they already use every day. The subscription list format encourages many more feed subscriptions than a crowded My Yahoo! portal page allows, and I expect the total number of subscribed feeds will increase for Yahoo! Mail users.

Yahoo! Mail is an advertising program. I expect Yahoo! will begin serving advertisements next to feed content once the service leaves beta.

Yahoo Mail RSS contextual menu options

The aggregator is integrated with Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! 360, and My Web 2.0. Users can forward any post as part of an e-mail message, include the post in a Yahoo! 360 blog post, or bookmark the URL using My Web 2.0.

Adding feed to Yahoo! Mail RSS

The add feed window presents users with featured feeds taking up most of the display space. Users can enter the URL of a specific feed towards the bottom of the window.

Yahoo! Mail RSS featured feeds

  1. Yahoo! Mail beta updates
  2. New York Times
  3. Sports Illustrated
  4. Yahoo! News Top Stories
  5. Braingle
  6. Wall Street Journal U.S. News
  8. 101 Cookbooks
  9. BBC News front page
  11. SportsFilter
  12. Snack Reviews
  13. The Smoking Gun
  17. Travel plan idea blog
  18. Digital Photography Review
  19. DVD Talk
  20. Gizmodo
  21. Autoblog
  22. Gardening Question of the Day
  23. Wonkette
  24. Reality TV World
  25. Overheard in the Office

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