TypePad outage open post

Popular blog host TypePad just came back online after being down most of the past day. This outage affected hundreds of thousands of bloggers including mainstream media outlets such as MSNBC and The Washington Post. Given the high-profile status of TypePad and its members, this story is certain to be well-covered in the coming day and week.

Today’s outage, coupled with the performance issues of the past month, has shaken the confidence of even the most dedicated users, and many members are seriously considering taking their business elsewhere. I spoke with one TypePad member who has used the service since it was first introduced in beta form back in July 2003. He told me “this sort of outage leaves me wondering if my blog is really okay in their hands, or if I should take it back into my own.” An advertisement for the term “TypePad” is currently 78 cents on Google and I expect the price will rise this weekend as web hosts capitalize on the opportunity.

Six Apart agreed to do a podcast with me tonight when they find some time. I cancelled my plans for the night and like any good disaster reporter I am going to plop myself down across the street from the Six Apart offices to help get the full story out to the world.

Please leave comments and questions below that you would like me to address with the staff at Six Apart tonight once I am able to get some face time. You may also contact me privately with questions and concerns.

Update 7 p.m.: Comments are closed. I recorded a podcast and I am currently editing audio.