Windows Live Expo

Windows Live Expo screenshot

Microsoft getting ready to launch new online classifieds system and social networking site called Windows Live Expo. Windows Live Expo allows users to post ads for free in a variety of categories including items for sale, personal ads, jobs, and events. Other teams within the Windows Live group have added functionality on top of the online service including placing listings with one click to a MSN Spaces blog or limiting the visibility of your listings to a social network defined by your Messenger friends list.

A team within Microsoft has been working on the product since April 2005 and hired its first engineer in May 2005. Windows Live Expo was previously known under codename “Fremont” and the Messenger integration was previously under codename “Casbah.” Windows Live Expo has been running a limited beta of 13,000 Microsoft users for the last month. The team’s plans became public after a Microsoft employee in China published an internal e-mail to his MSN Spaces blog last month. You can follow the latest news about Windows Live Expo on the team’s blog and the team is currently accepting beta tester signups.

The online service integrates with other Windows Live properties such as Spaces, Messenger, and Local, creating a total integrated experience unmatched by current players. Integrate this new product with click to call and I think Windows Live Expo could really take off!

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