Linuxcaffe serves up coffee and Ubuntu


Linuxcaffe is a small Toronto café with free WiFi, organic food, and lessons in Python and Ubuntu with a view of the park. You can burn any of over 80 linux distributions, rent a laptop, and become a member of the café with benefits such as hard drive backup privileges and web hosting.

It’s serving the community in unique ways and has become a geek tourist landmark. I especially like the membership features of the café similar to what I proposed in my elements of an ideal café blog post a few months ago.

Photo by mtl3p

One reply on “Linuxcaffe serves up coffee and Ubuntu”

  1. Wow….. that’s a GOOD idea. With so many people using laptops on the run there’s no reason that tech support couldn’t partner with the coffee house.

    After all caffeine and tech has been hand and hand for 100 years now :)

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