Feed platform presentation: Microsoft, Google, and NewsGator

As previously mentioned, I will lead a session on Feeds as a Platform at the Emerging Technology conference tomorrow at 1:45 p.m. I will talk about the feed ecosystem, peer into the future a bit, and introduce attendees to three real-world examples of feed platforms.

  1. Windows RSS platform. Jane Kim of Microsoft will present Microsoft’s new technologies exposing feeds at the operating system level. You will see feed handling in action on the latest builds of Windows Vista and Internet Explorer 7 and learn why they matter to both users and developers.
  2. Google Reader API. I will introduce the Google Reader API and how it may be used across platforms to display feeds and store personalized information in a central location.
  3. NewsGator. Brent Simmons will discuss feed synchronization and centralized parsing agents from a developer point-of-view. Brent has implemented the Bloglines Sync API, .Mac synchronization, and most recently the NewsGator API for the millions of NetNewsWire users. Brent will show off the latest build of NetNewsWire and discuss his first-hand experiences with feed platforms and synchronization.

The session may be recorded by the conference organizers and I will post slides and pointers in a separate post after the presentation.

5 replies on “Feed platform presentation: Microsoft, Google, and NewsGator”

  1. Sounds like a great session — I’m sorry I’ll miss it.

    I wonder who will be the first to take the Windows RSS platform and simply connect it to the Google API — getting the instant advantages of both.

    Or has someone already done that?

  2. thanks Niall,

    Darn, pity no video was nabbed. We’ll have to wait until the new NNW is released.

    thanks again,

    I’ll pop over to ITC and get that.


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