Google Reader adds sharing

Google Reader users can now share tagged feed items with anyone on the web via Gmail, an Atom feed, JSON, or a view within Google Reader. All you have to do is authorize one or more tags as shared and publish the appropriate URL or JavaScript. The new feature was announced tonight on the Google Reader blog.

Google reader starred

You can utilize special tags to enable new feature for yourself or your site. Adding a tag of “blogsidebar” to an item for example could add that item to a link list in your blog’s sidebar. A tag of “mom” would queue up the latest link of interest for your mom to read in My Yahoo!. Tag something the name of your business to share with coworkers. There are lots of possibilities to overload the Reader “labels” and create interesting sharing opportunities.

You can directly request a user’s JavaScript output from Google Reader for individual styling and processing.

Google Reader has taken advantage of its online application status to connect users wherever they would like to consume content. The Google Reader project started with a few team members looking for better ways to share a link blog online and it’s now possible for any user to display their own mini-aggregator powered by Google Reader.