SF Tech Sessions tonight!

The next SF TechSession is tonight from 7-9 p.m. at The Westin St. Francis hotel next to San Francisco’s Union Square. We’ll be on the 32nd floor with free food, drinks, WiFi, and a nice view of the city through some 15-foot floor-to-ceiling windows (might be a deck too). Thanks to Blish.com for providing an amazing venue for this month’s meeting.


  1. Skobee, online event planning and local search through your social network. Noam Lovinsky, product guy, will present.
  2. Vast.com, an online classified search engine. Founder and CEO Naval Ravikant will present. Noam is a serial entrepreneur and you may want to chat him up for startup tips.
  3. Songbird, an open-source music engine built on top of Gecko, the browser engine behind Firefox. Think Winamp + Firefox + a whole lot more. (it really whips the networked llama’s ass). Founder and CEO Rob Lord will present.
  4. Mozes, contextual bookmarks for your mobile lifestyle. Founder and CEO Dorrian Porter will present.

Each presentation will last 15 minutes and include live demonstrations of the products. You’ll have a chance to talk with the people behind the product, do some research, and learn some new things you might want to write about or integrate into your own company or project.

A few audience participants will have a chance to stand up and introduce themselves and their project to the crowd towards the end of the event for more efficient mingling. Start thinking of something clever!

Come for the free food, come for a drink, come for the people, come for the talks, or just come for the view. Please RSVP on the SF Tech Sessions blog to help me help you find a seat and food. The weather report is decreasing showers throughout the afternoon with clear skies tonight.