SF Tech Sessions: communities and new methods of interaction

SF Tech Sessions is back! This month’s event will feature 4-6 companies that may change the way you view search, communities, and online social interaction. All products are from small startup companies who have launched within the last 2 months.


Wednesday, March 29
7:00-9:00 p.m.
Westin St. Francis hotel
Alexandra room, 32nd floor
Union Square, San Francisco

Full details for the event are available on the SF Tech Sessions blog. Add to iCal

Reception area

I learned a few things from the first SF Tech Sessions events: shorter presentations and more time for socializing and Q&A. Our meeting room features rows of chairs facing a presenter in the front, and ample room for schmoozing towards the back. Participants enjoy having a look at new companies that make them rethink existing ideas. Joyent made last month’s participants rethink what information they are willing to share with coworkers in a small business environment and what they would prefer to remain private. Zimbra encourages the display of supplemental information such as a person’s contact information or a project’s status from within the context of an e-mail message.

Full information

This month I have encouraged all presenters to not shy away from technical details. I want developers in the audience to get a full picture and perhaps evaluate an API or two for use in their own projects.

It’s all free! Come check out the view from the 32nd floor of this historic hotel, where the Queen of England once took the best furniture from every room to construct her own master quite and the Soviets started cutting wires on entire floors until they were convinced no one was spying on them. Thanks to digital content marketplace Blish.com for so generously sponsoring this month’s event.

I’ve already started to plan next month’s event. Please contact me if you have a cool new project or startup you are working on that you would like to introduce to more people and gather feedback. Hope to see you Wednesday!